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Meet Chris

My name is Chris Blackwell, and I’ve been working as a general contractor in the Southern Bay Area and Peninsula regions for the last 32 years. I was born and raised in Saratoga, California, and still make my home here. In my teens, I worked summers as a laborer and later as a carpenter for my father and uncle’s company, Blackwell Homes. I attended Pepperdine University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1984.

After college, I went back to work for Blackwell Homes as a full-time carpenter and later as a tract project manager. It was during this time that I came to appreciate the challenges and rewards of the construction industry.

In 1988, I started my own business, Chris Blackwell Construction, Inc. and began building small subdivisions in the East San Jose foothills. Starting in the early 1990s, my focus shifted across the valley to the Los Gatos and Saratoga area, where I enjoyed working on more satisfying custom home and speculative projects.

It was in this type of high-end construction, with a passion for the uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, that I found my niche. From 1992 to the present I’ve been developing my skills and commitment to quality construction, learning the fine points and defining touches that distinguish one builder from another.

I still live in Saratoga with my wife of 33 years, Pamela. Our daughter, Chelsea, is a graduate of Pepperdine University, where both my father and I studied.

Chris Blackwell Construction, Inc. is all about the relationship between client and contractor. That’s what makes each project unique and uniquely personal. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a variety of wonderful and creative clients. Together we have achieved results that provide the ultimate reward for me: homes that my clients love. I consider that a real privilege.

Continuing a Family Tradition

Long-time residents in the Bay Area will remember Blackwell Homes. From 1955 through 1998, brothers Jack and Ken Blackwell built and sold over 15,000 homes in the greater Bay Area and earned a solid reputation in the industry. Their quality developments provided affordable housing to the many young families settling in this beautiful area. To this day people still tell me, “We live in a Blackwell Home and love it.” That kind of testimony is truly heartwarming and makes me proud of my family’s legacy in the Bay Area home-building business.